Battery Structure & Characteristics
     1.PLATES:Optimized low stibium-arsenic alloy makes long life and storage, less water missing, and less maintenance. Plates group is a stick structure of radioactivity, which can make battery currents distributed reasonable, reduced the electric resistance, promote output of capacity Maintenance- free battery also adopted to less water missing, and specially PB-Ca formulation, low self- discharge, long store, do not need add acid and maintenance in the battery lift. Successfully to solved plate gate interface height resistance PbSO formation. let the battery always in the height 2 starting function..
    2.SEPARATOR: The super- thin glass fiber in separator ( or PE envelop) reduces the short circuit of plates group, reduce the electric resistance and increase the current capacity. The surface fiber can protect effectively the positive plate to shake and the powder off, so as to extend the usage life.
    3.PP CONTAINER: Adopt polypropylene material, with light weight and exceptional strength; With exclusive case design to protect batteries from vibration and impact.
    4.COS PLATE WELDING: High cranking Performance and resistance to vibration.
    5.MAGIC-EYE INDICATOR: Easy to check charging state.
    6.DUST-PROOF FLAME ARRESTER:Prevent explosion caused by overflew sulphuric acid and charging spark.
    7.COVER: With special structure, the battery has the excellent performance of nonleakage, ventilation and anti-explosion, etc.
    8.HEAT SEAL TECHNOLOGY: Heat sealed design to maximize strength and rigidity to prevent electrolyte leakage.
Calcium-Calcium Battery(Ca-Ca) Low Antimony Battery(Pb-Sb) Vrla Storage Battery